Miss Penny Lane

Finally reading #DoctorSleep, sequel to @stephenking ‘s book #TheShining. :) <3

#FallOutBoy and #Paramore with @lolzorinator !!

I love my lil smushed face Bailey #napping #puppy

Made my family and I some #waffles for dinner. I can cook sometimes too yo!

Our selfie with the Knight Bus from a few weeks ago! <3 #HarryPotter #BestFriends

Step 2: Keeping track of my steps! Time to see how much I actually walk in a day :D #GetFitOrDieTrying


stealing sweetrolls on skyrim :’D

Via Oh. THOSE comics.


Everyone thinks Californian summers mean going out and playing volleyball…

It actually means going to your neighbor’s house who has air conditioning. D:

Via Oh. THOSE comics.

Step 1: Time to start keeping track of what I eat on a daily basis. #GetFitOrDieTrying

Found this while going through my mom’s albums. Super jealous of that ticket price though! #EltonJohn #MadisonSquareGarden

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